AEDs for Schools Delivered by Mindray.

Mindray has developed an AED for schools to save lives; in the future, all schools will have access to these gadgets.

Why should AEDs be applied in school?

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) shock the heart with electricity to get it back to a normal rhythm. AEDs are available in many public locations, including schools, and are made to be used by laypeople.

AEDs are being used more frequently in classrooms because they may be able to save the lives of pupils who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). SCA is a top cause of death in the US and frequently occurs suddenly. In a school context, having an AED available can help guarantee that pupils receive immediate care for SCA.

Procedures to Use an AED

An AED may be used easily by turning it on and following the on-screen instructions. The victim’s bare chest must then receive the proper placement of the electrodes. The AED will analyze the victim’s heart rhythm after the electrodes are in place and decide whether or not a shock is required. The AED will deliver a shock automatically if necessary; otherwise, the user will perform CPR under instruction.

It’s crucial to keep your composure and adhere to the instructions when using an AED. Additionally, ensure the victim’s chest is dry and clear of any oils or lotions, as these can obstruct the placement of the electrodes.


Several school districts across the nation have collaborated with Mindray, a top AED supplier, to get this life-saving equipment for their campuses. Ensuring all students have access to possibly life-saving care in the event of SCA is a significant step in the right direction.

We urge all schools to think about purchasing AEDs for their buildings. Visit Mindray’s website or contact their team immediately to learn more about Mindray’s AED solutions.

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