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Cra Interac Scam Conclusion

Are you a Canadian citizen? Do you receive bogus calls from CRA? Let’s see the messages and calls. These scammers could send these messages to you and steal your personal information.

The revenue agency message is frightening Canadians. The message is not legitimate and appears to be fraudulent. You can read all about the Crap Interac scam here.

Information on the Scam of Cra Interac

A group of fraudsters sends an e-mail message to Canadians or calls them sharing a message. It’s an electronic transfer of your monthly revenue collected by government.

Despite this, CRA’s main tier issued a notice advising the public that they would not request an etransfer in order to collect their income. Instead, credit will be issued directly by the authentic source CRA.

Cra Interac Sham Notifications

An Interac ETransfer Reminder message appears. This message contains your email ID and the link to deposit the money. We will also receive a message by CRA confirming receipt of XXXX. Follow this link to deposit your money in the bank.

The CRA has determined that the message is a phishing scam. It advises readers to either warn scammers or file a Police Report warning. You can also contact your local police station to report these messages. CRA does not encourage threatening alerts.

Cra Interac Fraud Latest Case

A student recently filed a police complaint regarding the CRA etransfer scam message. A message from CRA stated that he owed $550.44 to the student, according to the student. The message also contains an etransfer link that allows you to send the money directly to CRA.

The student filed the case at Waterloo’s police station. Multiple calls and messages are received by police via CRA. The cra Interacscam was reported to the police by the revenue agency. The CRA was notified that the messages were fraudulent. Personal information is not recommended for E payments. To verify, you can also visit the CRA account.

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New theft fraud is raging Canada. People are being duped by the CRA agency. Citizens are being sent suspicious messages regarding CRA payments. CRA denies receiving the alert and proves that it is a fraud.

Are you a victim of Interac scam messages? Please comment below.

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