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Periksa Data .com Is Periksa Data .com Legit?

Periksa Data is one website you might have seen. Online security is difficult these days. Many people claim that online information is not secure. Periksa claims it can assist people from Indonesia. We will discuss and determine if it is true.

What does Periksa mean?

Periksa, an Indonesian website. Periksa can be described as an Indonesian website. This website claims it offers a tool that can help people. This tool allows users to determine if someone is using personal information. This website is intended for data thieves. Pariksa offers a volunteer opportunity that allows you volunteer your time to help other people. For more information, please visit our website.

Information Periksa

We mentioned that Indonesia currently faces problems due to its weak data security. Experts believe that Indonesia’s weak security is also evident by the alleged breach in BPJs data. Scammers are believed to have stolen 200 million people’s private information. Periksa assists those people.

Periksa collects Names and NIK as part of its privacy policies. Website collects email addresses, contact information, complete addresses. All residents of Indonesia can obtain the BPJS if they have been in Indonesia for less than 6 months.

Is Periksa Data .com Legit?

Many websites claim they can solve all your problems. Here’s where we will discuss whether Periksa delivers on its promises or if it is just another fake website.

Periksa has a 2 year life expectancy. It boasts a trust index of 60%, and a trust score of 92/100. Periksa is active on Instagram and Twitter, so there’s no spam. Periksa offers secure and safe security.

Periksa Review

Periksa website collects BPJs. Periksa has helped many Indonesians with data security concerns. People trust The Periksa because of its high trust rating.


This article discusses the Periksa website and whether it is actually real. You will also find information about BPJs. Find out more about BPJs

Do you feel like you are a victim of cybercrime too? Your feedback is welcome on the Periksa article.

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