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Revolutionizing Polytetrafluoroethylene Powder with Shine Polymer’s Shinepoly SN3300

Shine Polymer proudly presents its breakthrough product, Shinepoly SN3300 – a series of chemically modified polytetrafluoroethylene powder. This innovative solution is designed to elevate the performance of thermoplastic compounds by enhancing their anti-dripping properties. This article will delve into the remarkable features and benefits of Shinepoly SN3300, shedding light on its smooth surface molding capabilities and resistance to agglomeration at room temperature.

The Power of Shinepoly SN3300 – Chemically Modified PTFE Powder

Shinepoly SN3300 is an exceptional range of chemically modified PTFE powder developed by Shine Polymer. By incorporating this powder into thermoplastic compound formulations, manufacturers can achieve enhanced anti-dripping properties that meet the rigorous UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. Shinepoly SN3300 revolutionizes plastic performance with its ability to reduce flammability, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring heightened fire safety measures.

Superior Surface Quality and Reduced Defects

One of the standout qualities of Shinepoly SN3300 is its ability to produce parts with remarkably smooth surfaces. When molded, parts formulated with SN3300 exhibit fewer gels and knitlines, resulting in improved aesthetics and functionality. This feature makes it a valuable choice for industries such as automotive, electronics, and telecommunications, where quality and appearance are paramount.

Agglomeration Resistance for Seamless Production Processes

Unlike traditional PTFE powders, Shinepoly SN3300 demonstrates exceptional resistance to agglomeration at room temperature. Manufacturers can witness seamless production processes without the need for extensive maintenance or downtime. This remarkable characteristic ensures a consistent flow of powder during compounding and extrusion, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Versatility and Compatibility for Diverse Applications

Shinepoly SN3300 is compatible with various thermoplastic polymers, expanding its potential applications across several industries. From high-performance engineering plastics to flame-retardant compounds, Shinepoly SN3300 offers versatility and improved anti-dripping properties without compromising the desired properties of the base polymer. This compatibility opens up new avenues for manufacturers seeking cutting-edge solutions.


Shine Polymer’s introduction of Shinepoly SN3300 sets a new standard in the world of PTFE powders. By enhancing the anti-dripping properties of thermoplastic compounds, Shinepoly SN3300 enables manufacturers to create safer and more efficient products that adhere to stringent UL 94 V0 and V1 standards. With its ability to produce smooth surfaces while resisting agglomeration, Shinepoly SN3300 is a game-changer in the industry. As Shine Polymer continues to drive innovation, the brand term “Shine Polymer” solidifies its position as a trusted partner, offering cutting-edge solutions for diverse plastic applications.

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