Instructions on how to play online mahjong game from experts

If you are passionate about Chinese culture and movies, you are certainly no stranger to the mahjong deck. This game is currently quite popular and is developed on an online platform and is loved by many players. So how to play mahjong online? To get the answer, readers, don’t miss the following article by New88.

Information about online mahjong game

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese card game also known as Mahjong. This game has unique cards and gameplay that is hard to mix with any other game. Currently online mahjong game is very developed and is widely participated by players at online bookies
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The cards in the online mahjong game

To be able to play online mahjong To be effective, you need to memorize the cards currently in the deck. By a deck of cards inCard game This game has quite a lot of pieces, plus images and words that are difficult to remember.

Lean deck – Online mahjong game

Among the basic cards, the lean deck is divided into 3 types: Book, Van, and Van:

  • Book row: Contains 36 cards and is divided into 4 groups, each group has 9 cards, the first card of each group is a different bird.
  • Van card: Consists of 36 cards and printed with red swastika, these cards are also numbered from 1 to 9.
  • Van row: Includes 36 cards marked with dots and circles, these cards are also numbered from 1 to 9.

Floating fortune set – online mahjong game

The Tai Cannon set is called wind in mahjong and the deck includes 7 types of cards divided into 2 sets including Tu Phong and Tam Nguyen:

  • Tu Phong card: Includes 16 pieces, divided equally into 4 main types: East, West, South, North.
  • Tam Nguyen card: Includes 12 cards divided equally into 3 types: Hong Trung, Luc Phat, Bach Dan.

Frame deck

The Frame set includes 8 cards with representative and replacement meanings. You can use these cards in place of other decks.

  • Green Frame Set: Includes 4 pieces in order: Tong, Barrel, Stripe, Curtain.
  • Red Frame Set: Includes 4 pieces: Hoa, Hy, Nguyen, Hop

Flower deck – Online mahjong game

In Mahjong, there is also a set of flower cards with a total of 8 cards and divided into 2 main groups: blue flowers and red flowers.

  • Blue Flower Card: Consists of 4 cards with blue corner prints representing Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter respectively.
  • Red Flower Card: Consists of 4 cards printed with pictures and with red corners: Mai, Orchid, Truc, and Chrysanthemum respectively.

Four seasons deck

Mahjong also has four seasons card decks including the following:

  • Four Seasons card: owns the cards Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  • Tu Hoang card: has a total of 4 cards with the letter Hoang and symbols from 1 to 4.
  • Four Queens card: has a total of 4 cards with the letter Queen and symbols from 1 to 4.

How to play online mahjong game from experts

Not like baccarat card game, here when entering the game, all 160 cards will be mixed and placed face down to begin dividing and calculating points. In a game table, there will be 4 participants, each person is divided into 40 pieces and arranged into 20 sets in front of them.

The player can then arrange these cards into 6 rows in the form of 6 6 7 7 7 7 cards, followed by stacking them into 3 rows and extending 20 pairs. Or you can also arrange them in the form of 4 4 8 8 8 8 pieces and then proceed to connect the pairs as usual. The dealer will then roll the dice to decide where to take the card and the dealer will take a total of 13 cards, each player takes 2 cards.

Players will play and draw cards clockwise then exchange cards in the opposite direction. At this time, each player’s pile of cards only has 1 end left and the player on the right hand picks normally or can take the card on the left to play out if there are 2 cards of the same rank to create a connection.
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Experience playing online mahjong games from experts

Gameonline mahjong is a subject that attracts a large number of players to participate at bookmakers. To be able to win bets against all opponents, you can learn some experiences from the following experts:

Understand the rules of the game and the cards available

For new players, understanding the rules of the game as well as the available cards is not easy. Because this is a Chinese deck of cards, the way to play is quite difficult, plus there are many words that are difficult to read.

Besides, the rules are also much more complicated than regular cards. Therefore, to be able to play mahjong best and win without making unnecessary mistakes, you need to remember the cards as well as the rules of the game, how to arrange cards, calculate points…

Learn how to play online mahjong from experts

Watching and learning the playing methods of masters will help you improve your skills and playing level. In addition, you should participate in groups and forums to learn from experience and listen to advice from professionals.

Build your own playing strategy and card arrangement

Another important factor that determines whether you win or lose is that you should build your own unique strategy. Only then can you play effectively and be able to bust sooner. At the same time, you also need to know how to play the cards so that your opponent doesn’t have a chance to win and bust. Because a deck of cards will have many different arrangements, you should learn and find your own arrangements.


How to play well online mahjong game It’s not too difficult and doesn’t require you to use your brain too much. As long as you take the time to research and practice as well as understand the rules of the game, you can participate easily. Don’t forget to use these strategies to participate in betting and earn lots of rewards New88.

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