New88 Cockfighting Instructions and Tips to See the Date According to Feng Shui

Tips for watching cockfighting days are based on the spiritual concept that choosing a good day will help players increase their luck and win the match. So what are the tips for telling the day to fight cocks? Today’s article New88 will summarize how to tell the good time that master cockers have concluded. Please read it!
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The secret to watching cockfighting dates is to follow the five elements

According to spirituality, watching good times helps you feel secure in your mind and firmly control your cocks in the tournament. Thanks to that, the fighting cock will receive the highest power, bringing victorious results. Experience in determining a good time to fight cocks includes the following two steps:

– According to the lunar calendar: Pay attention to the Earth Branch, Heavenly Stem, and Recharge Yin sections of the day

– See what color feathers the fighting cock has. Then apply the law of rotation of the five elements corresponding to the color of the feathers to choose the time to go into battle.

  • Kim: Hair color is light yellow, white, gray. If you go fishing on Canh/Tan days, you will surpass Purple.
  • Mang Moc: Bird with swallow feathers, purple, gray. Cockfighting time on At/Giap days will win against Dieu/O
  • Water Network: Black hair color, umbrella. The time Nham/Qui goes to fight, he will beat his opponent, the Golden Eagle
  • Fire Network: Choose red or purple hair. Fighting cocks on Binh/Ding days will win against Nhan cocks.
  • Earth Network: Gray, brown hair. Fighting cocks on the day of Mau/Ky will win against O chicken.

Tips for viewing cockfighting dates according to the seasons

During the year, the seasons are divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Four Quarters. Corresponds to the networks according to the five elements. Each season will be suitable for colors that have many advantages, while other colors are likely to lose. Based on the list above, players will choose a fighter with strong spirit and good performance in each season.

  • Spring – Metal element: Fighting cocks with gray, white, and yellow feathers fight very well. Avoid choosing fighting objects that are the color of swallows or yellow eagles.
  • Summer – Wood element: The bird has yellow feathers and is very strong in competition. Avoid choosing a bird with the color of an umbrella or a swallow’s feathers.
  • Four Quarters – Water Destiny: Cocks fight with yellow eagle feathers, swallows compete very well. Avoid choosing gray or dark colors.
  • Autumn – Fire Network: You have good eyesight and compete very well. Avoid choosing battle beasts with gray or gray fur.
  • Winter – Earth Network: Those with dark or gray feathers compete very well. Avoid choosing birds with red feathers or golden buzzards.

This is the secret to watching cockfighting days chosen by many experts and has proven successful in many matches. Please refer to it to win prizes together!

Tips for reading cockfighting dates based on the 12 zodiac animals

The method of calculating the fighting date according to the 12 zodiac animals will help players choose the color of the chicken’s feathers. As follows

  • Rat: Choose brown fighting millet, oh. Avoid letting purple go into battle.
  • Ox: Choose a purple candidate and send them to war.
  • Tiger: Choose the gray-haired animal to fight. Avoid choosing a wet umbrella color to go into battle.
  • Mao: Choose a rooster with black feathers to fight. Avoid choosing gray or banana pets into battle.
  • Dragon: Choose the animal with feathers the color of banana, cashew, or rat to participate in battle. Avoid letting gray millet go into battle.
  • Snake: Choose the snake with the color of cotton or five colors to compete. Avoid letting red things or umbrellas into the battle.
  • Horse: Choose the one with gray feathers, the umbrella, the cashew to participate in the battle. Avoid leaving wet umbrellas, five colors, and cashews in battle.
  • Mui: Choose the one with the color eagle or green to fight. Avoid letting red, purple, and gray millet go into battle.
  • Body: Choose brocade chicken to compete. Avoid letting magenta or purple go into battle.
  • Rooster: Choose the one with the feathers to fight. Avoid choosing blue, cashew, or banana-colored pets into battle.
  • Dog: Choose the one with umbrella feathers or cashew banana to compete. Avoid letting cotton-colored or iridescent-colored pets go into battle.
  • Pig: Choose the one with green feathers, cotton wool, and green cashew to fight. Avoid choosing red-colored animals into battle.

Tips for reading cockfighting dates using the lunar calendar

Tips for watching cockfighting dates According to this lunar calendar, it is essentially based on Can and Chi to calculate. For example, May 20, 2022 is Mau Thin day (belonging to the Wood system). On this day, you should let Wood’s life have gray feathers. If you go to compete, you will have a high chance of winning the match.
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The Liver system includes all 10 Livers: Giap, Mau, Ky, Canh, Tan, Nham, At, Binh, Dinh, Quy. The system includes 12 branches: Rat, Ox, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Dog, Pig. We have the following table to track competition dates through the lunar calendar based on Can and Chi:

(Tracking table according to Can, Chi)

This viewing table can be used to view fighting cocks, especially talented and winning chickens with high accuracy. You can look up more beautiful competition dates through perpetual calendar websites for reference.


Above are the tips for watching cockfighting days that we have compiled from the valuable experiences of previous experts left for posterity. However, the key point for a chicken to win is based on the skill, performance, and health of that day. Therefore, participants need to pay more attention to chicken care and raising techniques. Thank you for your interest and reading the article!

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